Gary C. Jones, owner of Church Funeral Associates, has been involved with various segments of the funeral business for 30 years.  

Whether offering comfort to grieving families, giving consultation on funeral planning, or simply providing affordable options for families in financial crisis, Gary has always "championed the cause" of grieving families.  

Church Funeral Associates was founded in July of 2006 under the astonishing assumption that Funeral Chapels (gathering places) were NOT necessary in most instances. People prefer gathering in Churches, veterans halls, at the graveside, or even at their home or farm rather than an awkward and unfamiliar funeral home.  

Mr. Jones asks, "Why do you need a funeral chapel? And, why pay more, if you have a familiar, comfortable place to gather already? That's why our prices are so low, and our value is so high!" (Prices are shown on this web-site.) Call or write us, and we'll provide a written program for you that will be dignified, simple and lower-priced.


D. Hines, Funeral Director in Charge.  We believe in educating you about what to expect when making arrangements for your loved one. It can be very scary, overwhelming, and confusing. We offer the unique support that is needed to get you through that difficult time and the extra support needed to help you through afterwards.  

A funeral is a celebration of one’s life. We at Church Funeral Associates provide many options at low prices (much lower than our competitors) for families to accommodate their wishes.  We give you a sense of pride and confidence knowing that you chose us to care for, with the utmost respect, your loved one.  

Bring in a competitor’s general price list to compare. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference, and that’s a promise. Even if you’re not in the process of planning a funeral, feel free to learn more about us. You may know someone who needs our help, now or in the future!