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$5,000 SPECIAL - Simply Essential Funeral Package

Within 25 miles of our Funeral Home, $5,000 includes up to 3 hours for a funeral service with prior-visitation and set-up at your Church or other facility arranged by your family.  Professional and marketing services include standard embalming, simple coiffeur and cosmetology, dressing and casketing.   An extra charge may be added when the deceased is over 300 pounds, highly contagious or following an autopsy.  Transportation charges include: removal at time of death, use of funeral coach (hearse) and family car (limousine) on the day of service and brief interment at the cemetery .  A 2-vehicle-motor-escort from the Church to the cemetery is provided.  Also included are: Social Security Notification: filing of death certificate (one copy to the family) and a standard obituary notice in the KC Star newspaper.  The costs of casket and cemetery merchandise vary greatly for each family, and are not included in the special.  State sales tax is payable only on merchandise.  The purchase of grave spaces, open/closing costs, etc. are transactions that are personal between the family and the cemetery, and are not included above.


$5,550 SPECIAL - Complete Funeral Package

Additional to above: more extensive hair preparation and coiffeur, two additional motor escorts (total 4), and $250 floral casket spray.  The purchase of grave spaces, open/closing costs, etc. are transactions that are personal between the family and the cemetery, and are not included above.


Any funeral arrangements you select will include a charge for the basic services of our funeral directors and staff.  If legal or other requirements mean you must buy any items you did not specifically ask for we will explain the reason in writing on the statement we provide describing the funeral goods and services you selected.

Immediate Burial

A direct burial is very simple. Our Funeral Home picks up the deceased, prepares the Death Certificate and obituary, and arranges burial and van-delivery to the cemetery ASAP for $1,500.  The family may or may not be present at the interment. No embalming is performed. If death occurs on a Friday evening (for example) this may require refrigeration of the body because most States require the body to be refrigerated, embalmed or cremated quickly (usually within 24-48 hours). Refrigeration costs $50-100 per day usually. The cost of caskets (beginning at $1500) and grave vaults (beginning at $945) and grave-markers (optional – beginning at approx. $200) are additional. Cemetery charges are also additional (i.e. the cost of the grave and the cost of “opening and closing” the grave, the casket lowering device and the tent and chairs). Sometimes cemeteries charge extra for late, or Saturday or holiday interments.

Note: Not all “direct burials” are for “lower-income” families. For example, in Prairie Village, KS retired Pastor Robert H. Meneilly, pastor of Village Presbyterian Church (well-to-do neighborhood) set up the tradition of direct burials for his parishioners (usually trying to be at the interment himself), followed by a very large and elaborate memorial service at the Church. Even the rich can avoid expensive funerals!

Note: Church Funeral Associates has an arrangement for sending “ashes to orbit” if you are interested.